The Problem

Music television is barely playing music anymore, but, even if it did, it does nothing for the indie artist. Music TV on traditional television rarely if ever will play an indie artist. Radio is not any better. In the years since Music TV stopped playing music new internet, OTT platforms and streaming services have filled that void. Yes, now you can get on, but, what are the chances of someone finding you? Not likely. And, why is that? One reason is that there is no gate keeper. If you submit or pay, good or bad, you're on. You're now mixed in with hundreds of thousands of other artists, good and bad.

Our Solution

IndieCast TV addresses this issue in two ways.

First, we review each and every submission we get, and, only the best gets through. This eliminates the endless clutter of content that our viewers would not be interested in seeing anyway and creates a better viewer experience for independent music fans.

Secondly, we created an easy chart system. Here’s how it works:

  • We place all approved videos into our video library on the web site and our various OTT platforms.
  • Each time your video gets a view, it counts as a vote.
  • The top 150 videos with the most votes will secure a spot on the IndieCast TV's 24-hour linear channel. This charting process lets our viewers have the final say in what we air.

Now, here is the BEST part. We are not just another independent music channel making money off of free content, or even charging money to artists desperate for exposure who are hoping that this time it's for real. Artists on IndieCast TV NEVER pay to be aired. In fact, any artist whose video airs on IndieCast TV's 24-hour channel gets paid. Yes, that's right, GETS PAID.

Sure, other sites offer to pay you too… eventually, but you usually have to pay first. Some charge a submission fee, entrance fee, or what they refer to as a “marketing fee". Others charge you to have “industry professionals" give a review of your music. These fees can range from a few dollars to hundreds. Only if you’re lucky enough to get your music substantially sold will you, the artist, realize any real profits.

Some of the bigger platforms also pay a form of royalty, but these range from $0.00074 to $0.02730 per play, which is nothing to write home about.

Compare that to IndieCast TV:

  • An artist receives $0.25 per play on our 24-hour linear channel, and, the difference is obvious!
  • There is no "algorithm" to compete with at IndieCast TV. Videos are distributed randomly to viewers in our Video Library so every artist has a moment in the spotlight!
  • An artist is not forced to compete with major label artists with huge budgets. IndieCast TV is meant for independent artists only!

We want to make sure that every artist gets their fair chance, and, our main goal is to help artists SUCCEED.

How Do You Get Paid?

This is very simple:

  • Each time an artist's video airs on the IndieCast TV's 24-hour linear channel, we pay that artist $0.25.
  • The higher position a video is on the chart, the more plays that video gets on the channel.
  • The more plays a video has, the greater the payout.

As we said above, we want artists to get paid, so, we are currently working on Phase 2, a second opportunity to make money:

In Phase 2, we will be running pre-roll ads ahead of the music videos in our Video Library. Any revenue generated by a pre-roll ad that runs before an artist's video will be split 50/50 between that artist and IndieCast TV. The more times a video is viewed, the more money it generates and the higher the payout to that artist.

We want you to grow with us and we want to grow with you. We cannot do this without you. Your music is what builds this channel. As our revenues increase through sponsorship, our price per play will increase as well, so, the more we make, the more you make!