Toxic Bliss

Belfast 6 Pack

Belfast 6 Pack's members came together in May of 2012 to create something new and original, each bringing their own personal flavor to create a unique style that can't really be put into a certain genre. As Belfast's front-man, Brandon Bane says, "It's hard to label a musical soul." Flanked by lead guitarist Rusty "Chief" Coleman, drummer Tony Pike, and bassist Justin "Hippie" Hagamon, they have stormed onto the scene sharing the stage with Nonpoint, Stuck Mojo , Psycostick ,One-Eyed Doll, Ritual of Odds, Soil, Bam Margera,Super Bob, HeD PE, Texas Hippy Collision AND STEEL PANTHER Introducing songs such as Slept with the Devil, Devil's Kut, and A Bomb A Nation, Toxic Bliss, and now Scream My Love heads turned and fans of all genres began to follow their story. Belfast 6 Pack presents a variety of songs that appeal to most anyone. From the powerful vocals to the melodic structure brought forth from the depths of their musical souls, this music cannot be ignored.

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