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If your music video makes the IndieCast TV Top 150, it will air on the IndieCast TV 24-hour linear channel, broadcasting worldwide. Each time your video airs, you will be paid 25 cents, per play, from the very first play! Click the Learn More button for more information.

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The Problem Independent Artists Face Today:

Music Television is barely playing music anymore. But even if it did, it does nothing for the indie artist. Music TV on traditional television rarely if ever will play an indie artist. Radio is not any better. In the years since Music TV stopped playing music, new internet, OTT platforms, and streaming services have filled that void. Yes, you now can be placed on these, but what are the chances of someone actually finding you? Not likely. One reason is no “gatekeeper”. If you submit (or pay for play), good or bad, you’re on! If everybody can get in, how is THAT special? Plus, your video that you invested your time, money, and talent to create is now mixed in with both high-quality -- and very low-quality – videos. AND you are now swimming in a sea of obscurity with nothing driving your audience. Click here to learn more

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