Indie Music Battle FAQ

Q: What is the process to be considered for the television show The One – Indie Music Battle?
A: It starts by you uploading your video file to us by clicking here. All genres of music are welcome! Your video is then reviewed by our staff. If approved, it is placed in our library where your fans can nominate you for the show simply by watching then clicking on the nominate button. Check our library, as it is continuously updated. Viewers can watch and nominate as many videos as they like. All videos that air on the show each week are taken from the library.
Q: How many videos are chosen each week?
A: We will take between 36 and 39 videos from the library each week.
Q: Is it possible to get back into the show if my video doesn't make the top ten?
A: Yes, there's always an opportunity for a comeback! Unlike other television competition shows where you are eliminated, as long as your video is in the library, you may be voted back onto the show!
Q: Will my video always be available in the library?
A: Technically, yes. We archive every video that has been in the library. However, we only keep 100 videos in the active library at any given time. If your video is one of the bottom 25 nominated videos each week your video will be placed in the archives, but can still be nominated back on the show.
Q: What are your criteria for selecting the videos for the library?
A: The video must feature your original work—no "cover" songs. It also cannot contain anything that would present a licensing/copyright issue or feature content that would be objectionable to more sensitive viewers. All videos must be television-ready, in other words, no profanity. Also, we will not display advertising (including logos of production companies, emails, phone numbers, etc.). We seek videos with commercial appeal and possess high-quality production.
Q: How will I know if my video will be featured on the show?
A: We will contact you via the email that you provide to us with a formal letter of notification. This will include the day/date of the broadcast and include all the pertinent information – along with high-quality graphics for your promotional use.
Q: How does the voting for the television show work?
A: Like most music competition shows on television, we are interactive and rely on our viewing audience to cast their vote to determine the results. Viewers can vote up to 10x per device by going to Our system detects the use of "bots" in voting. These votes are automatically removed, in fairness to all.
Q: Will I be notified of the voting results from that week's broadcast?
A: Each weekend, we post on our Facebook page the top 10 results from that week's voting. The Top 10 also receive an email notification and graphics for their promotional use announcing that they are in the Top 10. Of course, the video that is "The One" (the video in the number one ranking) for that week is revealed!
NOTE: "The One" receives an extra encore play of their video in the next week's broadcast – and an extra play (up to 4 plays total) for every consecutive week that video is "The One."
Q: If I have questions or comments, how do I contact a member of the production staff?
A: We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to write to us by clicking here!