Take it Like a Man

Chelsea Bain

Music as poignant as Chelsea Bain’s “Gonna Feel This in the Morning” or “Take It Like A Man” can only be the product of genuine experience. Her vocal delivery is as bold and unapologetic as her lyrics. Chelsea is a surprising and refreshing combination of a vibrant appearance, a playful disposition, and a kick-ass attitude that she exudes in her life and her music. Raised on an Arizona ranch, she was surrounded by her two loves: country music and horses. In addition to winning more than 10 world and national titles in the American Paint Horse Association, she also won recognition around Phoenix by singing at rodeos and actively performing at voice recitals and school theater productions. At nineteen, Chelsea moved across the country to Nashville, Tennessee and got straight to work. She sifted through production styles and songs in search of a team of creatives who could bolster her authenticity and bring her stories to life. All the while, she cut her teeth playing NASCAR races around the country. Audiences who arrived with Dale Junior on their minds, left infatuated and energized by the lasting impression of a woman who can command a stage and capture an unsuspecting audience with the professional polish and wild, full-throttle performance of a seasoned rock star. Back in Nashville, she teamed up with songwriter, Rachel Farley, and the two hit the gas, writing songs that match Chelsea’s explosive live show without shying away from the truthful admittance of real life—the imperfect ridiculousness surrounding heartbreaks, nights out, and the never-ending confusing enigmas of love, lust, and life. Chelsea has come into her own with fervent maturity and youthful energy, transcending traditional boundaries of demographics and genre. When it comes to her music, Chelsea has a clear goal: “I want my music to connect me with people and connect people with each other. I want it to affect their emotions. Whether it be silly or serious, I want to make them feel something deeply. My live shows are an extension of my personality; it’s me being real and sharing with my fans that we are all in that room experiencing the same feelings—together.”

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