Good Things

Kalen Chase

Kalen Chase is a rare breed. Born in Southern California and growing up in Washington State, his love of music has led him down many nontraditional paths. From opera training, to teaching at Musicians Institute, to touring with Korn and fronting the band Vimic with Joey Jordison of Slipknot. As a singer-songwriter, guitar-wielding producer, Kalen has embarked on a solo venture that takes a softer turn, but still weaves in his hard rock edge and personality. He lets just enough light into the dark corners of his lyrics that you hang onto the hope that "Good Things are happening somewhere." Kalen has the ability to exude dynamic energy and instrumentation, acoustic prowess, and the occasional harmonious scream of angst found in his previous work in metal. Kalen currently resides in Los Angeles, where in 2020 he recorded Good Things, featuring Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls on drums and Let Them Come, featuring Pete Thorn on guitar.

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