Keydo Starr

(pronounced Keto)  “After hearing a sermon that spoke about gifts, one day, as a middle school student, I reflected on what gifts I might have been given. In that moment of reflection I could hear God saying, "Duh! Music Keydo." For It was there in Mr. James' Chorus class, that I found my shine; getting solos in class, and learning to read and harmonize like my favorite artists. I kept the choral music focus after my would be highschool teacher, Mr. Smeland, came to recruit me in the precipice of my 9th Grade year. While in high school, I auditioned for and was accepted into All -County, All- Virginia , and was narrowly accepted into Honors Choir in my Senior year(Didn't make it originally but I was next in line when someone couldn't make it , so....!) I also started experimenting heavily with music at that time with some other young musicians from both the chorus and band. We created the band "Cisum." After highschool, I wanted to study Music performance, but my parents thought I should have something to "fall back on," so they allowed me to continue the path of a musician by attending Old Dominion University and studying Music Education.” It was there I learned more about chords, theory, and lots of other great things. Additionally, I was blessed with an awesome vocal instructor, Dr. Ward, who shared a lot of great skills with me as well. Lastly, it was here that I began writing songs,and finding people to share original music. After college, I bought my first keyboard , and hooked it up to a computer with Pro-Tools. I got anyone I could to come by and create music. If you could not tell by now, singing and creating music are my deepest passions. I have had the opportunity to do a few cool things thus far in my career like produce videos, play the character "Pepper" in the Musical, "Mamma Mia," open for Slim, formerly of the group "112," and host an event at the Northwest Florida State College, featuring the Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra. I have been teaching as well at the Elementary and Middle School levels as well, and sharpening my skills as a Performer and Songwriter.

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