Only Human

Dax Brooks

about ​ Dax’s music is as diverse as his background. He was born into an interracial family in Los Angeles, but set out on his own at 16. He quickly became fascinated with the world outside his native city and began traveling, having now been to 42 countries. Committed to creating a singular sound, he honed in on his own innate musical sensibilities while traveling and living abroad. The music is a powerful and inspired mix of Alternative Soul with Contemporary Blues Roots, Retro nods, and Rock influences, where an aggressive guitar is as welcome as the fervent voices of an omnipotent Gospel choir. Dax writes, arranges, and plays keys but it’s his vocals that truly shine – a natural hybrid of grit, sultriness, and smolder, with an unstoppable falsetto. With his music transcending cultural divides and even genre, Dax was compelled to write with the talented David Green and record his solo debut EP Only Human with Alabama Shakes’ Producer Andrija Tokic in East Nashville at The Bomb Shelter Studio. Once back in LA, he combined forces with Jason Schweitzer, a multi-platinum selling mixer, and his collaborative partner in life and creativity, his brother Che Brooks, for mastering and the soon to be released remix for Rescue Me. Dax’s music defies convention, breaks through stereotype, and is nestled on a path aimed at making a tangible difference in the world.

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