Momah (feat. Money Man)

Minneapolis-based rapper Momoh is on the come up after working with some of the most recognized names in rap. While his music already attracts a wide variety of communities, he still looks out for new sites to be discovered on. His endless searching led to the perfect partnership with Homi, an app that allows current college students to reach out to alumni regarding questions and advice. The hookup was mutually beneficial, and Momoh was able to attend exclusive events and even co-host fancy parties at trendy clubs in Minneapolis. Local phenoms such as J Plaza and Bobby Raps would attend these events. When it was time for Momoh to take the stage, the party would go crazy. Life is too short to stress about everything, and Momoh uses this theme in his song, “Wraith.” Using a standard hip-hop beat with a whistling effect to add more character, Momoh raps about the good life with riches that can be spent on anything. The short-clipped scenes in the video rotate to different settings including neon cellar clubs, a balcony above lit up street lights, and graffiti art. Living fast, risky, and carefree are the only priorities for Momoh in “Wraith.”

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