Waking Up at the End

Nicholas Wells

Singer-Songwriter Nicholas Wells found his passion at a young age. As product of writing since the age of eight, his songs chronicle his growth in life and as a songwriter. A few identifying characteristics of Nicholas' vocal and piano driven music are his memorable melodies, emotional storytelling, and grandiose arrangements. His music has been placed in programs airing on MSNBC, SyFy, and Netflix. 
 In 2010, Nicholas released Something to Believe In. His songs A Little Bit and Hope in Love were featured in "Morgan" (2012), an independent movie that introduced a great number of fans to his music. 
 As a singer, pianist, producer and arranger, Nicholas has worked with many notable artists, including Adele, Five For Fighting, and PLVTINUM. 
 Returning in 2015, Nicholas released Stumbling Forward. along with a music video of Empty Coffee Cups. His continuing presence on YouTube led to many of his videos breaking 100,000 views. Especially popular was his God Only Knows (A Cappella), and orchestral arrangement of Beauty and the Beast. 
 Nicholas opened up on a whole new level with his 2017 release Now and Then, a reflective and emotional story of the fleeting nature of life. His music video of What I'm Here For featured Nicholas’ two adopted cats. As he said, “the song is about being there for someone, or someTHING.” The message inspired fans' adoption of animals, and support of local adoption shelters, and emphasizes his commitment to creating "music with meaning."

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