We Had a Good Thing Going

Marty Rhone

From the moment the banjitar intro starts and the drum shuffle kicks in you just can’t stop tappin’ your feet and once the chorus hits, you just won’t get this song out of your head. Such is the infectiousness of ‘We Had Good Thing Goin’ written by Marty Rhone & Australia’s most successful & prolific country song writer Garth Porter. Both writers roots were ground in pop/rock back in the halcyon days of the 70’s but in the case of Marty it was his first country song ‘Graceland on the Line’, released to coincide with the 40th Anniversary of the sad passing of Elvis Presley that saw him catapulted into the country spotlight and offered a US album deal by renowned producer David J Holman at Cactus Studios (Gwen Steffani, No Doubt, Xanadu). Marty Rhone’s career as a singer & actor has few boundaries and one that few can match. A support to the Rolling Stones and appearances with John Denver, Christopher Cross & the Bee Gees. No1 hit records, the London West End stage with Yul Brynner, a Broadway musical revival with Lou Diamond Phillips (Longmire, La Bamba), film & TV roles. It might explain why this Melbourne, Australia boy chose New York as his new home. It is after all just a quick plane flight to Nashville which is a lot closer than Oz.

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