Constant Sorrow

AC Thomas

Hailing proudly from Birmingham Alabama, brothers Austin and Chad Thomas form the genre bending duo, AC Thomas. Chad Thomas is the quietly intense singer/songwriter with the soulful voice who slips seamlessly into playing the part of the high energy showman, while Austin Thomas is sure to not be out shined; he delivers punchy, dance-able rhymes that keep fans young and old, wanting more of this country rap sound. Together they developed a winning formula of “Country Slang” that will garner the attention needed to take them the distance. Austin and Chad got picked up quickly by Birmingham Entertainment label head, Ron Pole. To further develop the group whose sound originated @ Epic Studios in Birmingham, the label combined forces with producer, Johnny Boy Wilson. After completing the first few songs, it was decided that live instruments would be the addition needed to take their music to the next level. Johnny Boy took the duo to Nashville to team up with mega producer, Sean Giovanni and went into production for their first album at the Record Shop, crafting that “Country Slang” sound. Producer Giovanni stated “It was obvious to me how unique they were. Chad comes from a strong, traditional, country background, while Austin really had that authentic hip hop sound. It was natural, unforced, and I didn’t feel I was working with characters. I got the real thing.” AC Thomas is poised to make an immediate impact on the Country Music scene. Their fresh approach to the genre, along with their certain appeal to the “New Country” fan, will make them one of the most buzzed about acts in 2019. The duo is gearing up to release their first EP, “Paradox” this spring.

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