Princess Cray

Jamie LeRose

In a world where more than 10 hours of music is uploaded to the internet per minute. True stars are in short supply and a very rare, desirable breed to find. First ever gracing the stage at the age of just 3 years old, Jamie LeRose is enjoying a steady rise to the top as a solo female artist. Inspired by the likes of Lady Gaga, the now 18 year old singing prodigy aims to cause a massive dent, not just in the industry, but in the world as whole. With ambitions to spread love and equality around the globeand by writing inspiring songs that everyone can relate to. This young singer is well on her way to becoming this generations next pop icon. … Like many up and coming stars, Jamie has suffered a fair amount of struggles throughout her life and early music career. However, she’s never let it get her down and has stayed focused on her goals of selling out stadiums as a famous singer. At as young as 5 years old, Jamie notes she always felt like an ‘outcast’ amongst her peers. Often acting outgoing and self expressive, she became infatuated with the outlandish and eccentric stylings of Lady gaga when she was 7 years-old. An influence thet is evident in Jamie’s performance style and recordings. Being teased for her love of pop music and suffering from physical health problems, her early musical beginnings were an uphill battle. However, she persevered, despite the negativity of others and continued to perform throughout her youth, gaining more and more mastery over her talents as she got older. Has her hard work paid off? You bet it has. Right now Jamie LeRose has left all of her doubters in the dust. Replacing them with a team of people who believe in her and are working hard to take her to the top. In 2015 she attracted the attention of Don Lawrence, one of the world's leading vocal coaches, who has trained non other than Lady Gaga herself. Her work with Don lead to Jamie linking up with famous record producer / mix engineer Rich Keller (Sony), to provide lead vocals for “Run Free” (Tonight). A track that gained over 1 million hits on Youtube. Impressed with her talents and drive, Keller has now taken the pop singer under his wing, releasing her debut single ‘Fame’ in July 2018.

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