Lost Yo Mind

Imani Scott

The Houston hip-hop and R&B scenes have given the world more than their fair share of superstars. The latest up-and-comer is Imani Scott, and she’s burning bright. Born and bred in the “44” section of H-Town, this firebrand with the electric blue hair and lyrical fangs can jump genres and own stages with the best of them. Fellow Houstonian and multi-platinum Grammy-nominated producer-engineer Isaac “Chill” Yowman ran the boards for her debut album, The Introduction. He’s helmed tracks for Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, Ciara, and The Game, and recently partnered up and created content with Marvel and Sony. Yowman brought his decade of experience and multitude of influences to Imani Scott’s fresh mix of R&B, pop, hip-hop, and funk. All at once soulful, sexy, and completely badass, her latest single “Lost Yo Mind” is no “Baby Come Back” – it’s a short, not-so-sweet “Sucks To Be You.” The fool that messed this relationship up is about to pay the price, because, in Ms. Scott’s own words, she “done really ran out of fucks to give.” There are millions of him and only one of her. It slowly becomes clear as you watch the video, she’s about to burn it all to the ground and not look back. When she’s not putting her payback plan into action and telling him it’s too late, she’s in front of the mirror, savoring her Bad Bitch Moment, her vocals bouncing between playful and vengeful. They recall her influences- fellow forces of nature like Etta James, Aaliyah, Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, or Anita Baker. Her presence is undeniable, as she proves her moves with a couple of backup dancers one minute, and stares down the camera the next, making the viewer glad they’re not the one she’s talking to. Directed by Houston’s MPRS Media, the clip is a slow, sensual burn toward a fiery finale and a quick getaway. In a world of artificiality and compromise, Imani Scott is here to keep it real and claim her space in the spotlight. Like her previous singles “Get Litty,” “All Over Again,” and “Throwing Glitter,” “Lost Yo Mind” makes it crystal clear: Imani Scott is crazy talented and just getting started. You’d better believe this is to be continued.

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