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Mind Cell

San Diego, California based Mind Cell is an original four-piece progressive hard rock band. Mind Cell strives to create driven and intense music that takes listeners on a musical journey that they can sink their teeth into. Unique and different songs loaded with substantial musical calories. Complex arrangements but gorged with heavy catchy riffs, thunderous grooving bass lines, complex rhythms, and stirring vocals with deep lyrics. Mind Cell creates powerful music laced with substance, attitude, and complexity. Many of the band’s fans have described the sound of Mind Cell to be a blend of the tribal heaviness of Tool, mixed with the darkness of Alice in Chains, mixed with the catchy off-timing riffs of Soundgarden. Mind Cell is Justin Bogh on drums, John Cappel on vocals and rhythm guitars, David Taub on lead and rhythm guitars, and Dan Zapata on bass. Free your mind and transport yourself on a musical journey with Mind Cell. Their debut release, Absolute, is scheduled for a summer 2019 release

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