Dear Radio

Pamela McNeill

Growing up in Minnesota City, Minnesota, Pamela McNeill has been playing music ever since the age of three. The midwest artist has had a varied career beginning in her 20’s touring England with Rick Astley, and even appeared in his music video “Take Me To Your Heart.” She would then return to America, where she was introduced to legendary performer and composer Yanni. The two would begin collaborating with one another with Pamela writing lyrics to several songs on his albums Tribute and Ethnicity. She has now come full circle returning to her first love of country music and now splits her time between Nashville and Minnesota writing with Music City icons including Pam Tillis, Roxie Dean, and Buffy Lawson, and Wynonna Judd. Her 2011 album, Heartaches and Miracles caught the attention of Grammy Award winning songwriter Bobby E. Boyd and the two soon began a professional partnership with one another leading to Boyd helping produce her latest album which was released in March of this year. The first single from the album “Dear Radio” tells McNeill’s personal story of falling in love with the music she found as a child with her transistor radio, and how that relationship grew over the years.

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