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Ugly Melon

Ugly Melon; a powerhouse melodic hard rock band that’s inspired by life’s raw and often unrelenting experiences. The band and their music are free from any pretense, and are informed by life’s unavoidable reality - it is what it is. 
 The heavy metal fire was re-ignited in 2014, when childhood friends and former band mates Lu Cachie (lead guitar) and Tony La Selva (vocals) came together to form the beginnings of the metal machine that would become Ugly Melon. 
 During their long hiatus, La Selva dabbled with some song writing, while Lu had been steadily recording and performing (including opening shows for artists including Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, April Wine, Honeymoon suite and the Scorpions). While transformed by parenthood, professional life, and a myriad of life’s ups and downs, their love of hard rock never waivered. The timing was perfect. It was the right place and time for this collaboration to take flight. 
 Once the duo solidified their first set of songs, it was time to get the original band back together again. Franklin Wyles (drums) and John Liberatore (bass guitar) were in a garage band with Lu and Tony when they were teenagers. They were the only rhythm section that could bring the thunder that was needed to give Ugly Melon its heart pounding sound. But the band needed a little something more. It was Joe T (guitar) and Biagio DiBlasi (keyboards) that completed what would be the six piece powerhouse that is Ugly Melon.

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