One Life to Live

The Only DaggaMan

Jay Dagga aka Mr. DaggaMan; aka Mr. Automatic; aka Craven Moorehead; aka Mr. Heatwave is a dynamic solo artist with a vocabulary that is often unmatched. An educated emcee, Dagga started singing and performing at a young age. Church and school chorus ignited a passion for music on an artistic level. Once out of the United States Naval Service; Dagga became focused on making "Quality Street Music" that could be enjoyed by all. After relocating to Upstate N Dagga joined several groups to gain success. Having strength in numbers, the "Drop Zone" travelled several states, and sold over five thousand copies nationwide. After performing for several A&R groups, the "Drop Zone" performed for Arista Records Executive Don Reed the creator of American Bandstand. Quality over quantity was one of the most valuable lessons learned and will stay at the forefront of any project from The Only DaggaMan. After several additional group efforts, a solo effort was realized as the most effective option. Lyrical exercise became a daily training mission as well as countless hours of training for latest software packages & programs. Dagga became fueled by family and positive feedback when tragedy struck at the most intimate level. Dagga was involved in a devastating house fire (2nd and &3rd degree burns on over 10% of his body) where he lost his best friend and most devoted fan Sarah. Instead of allowing the depression to destroy him, he embraced the positive memories and funneled the pain into his art form that Sarah loved so much. It has been a difficult road to recovery and there is much work to be done. Dagga has been given a second chance to leave a powerful legacy as well as touch various cultures through music. To understand this artist, first realize he is not motivated by promises of financial gain or artist deals that include long term commitments. Dagga will remain pushing himself to be a leader in hip hop as well as a respected member of the entertainment community- Stereotypes and racial barriers have been broken down with the powerful gift of quality music. Stay tuned for the latest from the Only DaggaMan.

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