9 Lives


Born in Maine and now based in Miami, Megan Morrison, aka MORRISON, is heating things up in her music career. Growing up playing the lead roles in musical theatre and studying classical opera singing, Morrison later discovered her passion for singing in rock and punk bands in NYC. She moved to Miami in 2009 where she sang lead vocals and wrote all the songs for the popular rock band, Dorothy’s Surrender. After the band broke up, she eventually went on to pursue her solo music career. She also endured a personal battle with alcoholism and channeled her emotions into her songwriting. Her latest single, “Heart on Fire” (released in November 2018), expresses her experience with overcoming pain and rising back up on the other end. Neufutur Magazine lauded Morrison for her “sheer vocal range“ and “unmatched authority” in the song. Her “Heart on Fire” music video (premiered on Live in Limbo in December 2018) showcases Morrison’s talents not only as a musician but also as a professional fire dancer. On March 29th, Morrison unleashed her second single, “9 Lives”, which premiered on Celebmix. Both singles are from Megan's debut solo album, Appetite for Freedom, set to release in Summer 2019. Megan is currently working on recording more songs and bringing both her singing and fire dancing into one breathtaking show. Stay tuned for more songs and videos from this fiery artist!

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