Some Days

The Sale of Joy feat Teo Anicic

Bio The rock group, The Sale of Joy, was founded in Zagreb, Croatia in 2007. The front-man, founder and author of the majority of their songs is Alen Kraljic, a well known Croatian guitarist and songwriter. Through the years, many outstanding and distinguished Croatian musicians have been a part of The Sale of Joy. Among them, Teo Anicic , who has been with the band from the very start. Teo is a very talented musician, who contributes to the band's style and sound with his unique vocals. This year marks the release of the band's first album, Goose Pimples, which has been digitally released by Menart Records. The album contains a cover of a popular Croatian song "Ima Dana," or "Some Days," which was arranged by Alen Kraljic, who also co-produced Goose Pimples. While the song "Good Bye" uses a motif from the very well known American indie rock band, Pavement. The album's lyrics are about universal themes and topics, such as love, passion, friendship, and peace. The band's musical style is modern neo-hippie rock, with elements of punk, reggae, country, and new wave sprinkled in. All of the songs on Goose Pimples are in English because the band's songwriters and singer feel that it is much easier for them to express themselves in English. The band's future plans include the promotion of their first album in Croatia, and abroad. Best regards, Band manager, Boris Vujkovic Telephone: 00 385 16673261 Cell phone: 00 385 91 785 0856 E mail: Address: Mareticeva 4, Zagreb, Croatia, 10010

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