Love Can Break Your Heart


With earth-shattering vocals, melodic guitar riffs, phenomenal bass, and awe-inspiring drums, these Chicago musicians joined forces to bring you Mistreated. From Originals to Covers Mistreated puts on a Great show. Mistreated's music accrues from some of their influences of the hard rock bands of the eighties, blended with a modern driving sound. Bringing the epic vocals is Rich Lafaire. He was the lead singer and front-man of D"Frantic and played the Chicago club circuit for several years. Mistreated's music showcases the powerful canorous guitar work of Bobby Winters. He is also a songwriter composer and producer. He has played in such bands as Lick and Apparition. Robert White was in a band called "Sweet Revenge", a band that picked up attention and airplay on WVVX FM in 1989. The calling came back several years later, as Robert met up with a very talented bunch of guys collectively known as Mistreated. With powerful guitar and amazing vocals John Koturba is the secret weapon in the band also from the same music scene as the rest. John led the band Outcry in the 80s. With air-time on Rebel Radio, Mistreated's song "Lost in the Shadows" was requested often. The owner of Rebel Radio, Scott Davidson labeled Mistreated as the new "Dokken." Also with music on ITunes, Spotify, SoundCloud and You Tube, and most recently put in rotation on ROCK RAGE RADIO.

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