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Kerosene Drifters

Rooted in rock + a love affair with blues and country, Kerosene Drifters bring Drifter Rock to the forefront of current music. The power duo packs an unbelievably larger than life sound into their shows and the hearts of listeners. Rounding out their acoustic set with guitar and bass, the duo also has rare "blood" harmonies which create otherworldly tones. Adding a drummer and turning the acoustic guitar into an electric creates the entirely different experience of a power trio while still holding onto the roots of what KD is all about - great grooves, killer harmonies and a pure love for music. While being both aurally stunning and visibly entertaining, the dynamic use of sound delivers a joyride of emotion to the audience. These Texas natives are currently recording album number 2, writing for the third and touring the Southern region. As a husband/wife team they also enjoy spending time with their animals, binging quirky shows, supporting fellow artists and honing their craft.

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