Jae Mansa

Hip-hop today is full of copycats: excessive bass, big 808 kicks, and bland songs without a message. However, in the underground, those willing to look for it will find real musical treasures. Jae Mansa – a two-man team consisting of Daron “Jae” Johnson and Brandon “B” Boone – is one of those pieces of gold in the North Carolina scene. Staying true to their ethos, the two are cousins who have shared a close bond as they grow in to mature professionals. Jae Mansa take influence from legends like B.I.G., Jay Z, Wu-Tang Clan, and 2Pac, as well as modern superstars like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, to create their down-to-earth sound. Their clever sampling, carefully sequenced rhythms, and authentic recording techniques come together in songs that tell stories only they could tell, expressing their true views and personal experiences. Now, Jae Mansa have accumulated over 10 million total streams on Spotify and are signed to Atlanta-based record label EOARN Entertainment Inc., where they’ve released the EP Yung Kings.

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