Walk Away

Black Water Greed

Black Water Greed launched as a force in the music industry in Lancaster, PA in 2012 while riding the wave of the wild popularity of their song “Walk Away,” which has amassed over 1 million views on YouTube! Black Water Greed, whose name was stumbled upon while tossing about song titles, is now comprised of JJ Tyson; drums, Michael Mundy; lead vocals, and Ios (Andy) Patzer; guitars. Cumulatively, Black Water Greed creates a sound that stands in a category of its own. They refer to their music as “classy rock” – which is a marriage of the classic rock from the 70s and 80s, but with a modern vocal sound. Their influences musically run the gamut – from early Grand Funk Railroad to Shinedown. They have opened for such iconic bands as Kix and Adrenaline Mob. They look forward to sharing stages with many other notable names in the near future and presenting their evolved sound which has morphed into a more mature approach and harder edge to their music. Currently, they are awaiting the January release of their much-anticipated debut album “Circle Of Sin." The band obtained the services of veteran Executive Producer, David Mobley to over-see the project.

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