New York


NASH, pseudonym of Francesco Ficorilli (Rome 31/08/1991), is an Italian rocksinger-songwriter. Originally from Latina, Italy, he has always been fascinated by American culture to the point of opening, in 2014, a brand of American restaurants / burgerries following his many frequent stays in the United States. The decision to become an entrepreneur with a passion for American food forces him to abandon the university where he studied economics. Secretly since childhood he cultivated his passion for music by writing songs that he never shared with anyone. Everything changed during a trip to Nashville, Tennessee, USA, in 2017. Francesco was so fascinated by that place, which some call Music City, to finally decide to share his art with the world and to pay homage to the city being called precisely NASH. Eight months later he returned to Nashville to record his first EP "Sins & Desires". His lyrics are about love, the meaning of life, our inner being and also include a tribute to another place personally and artistically important to him, New York, to which he dedicates a song in the EP.

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