The Lover


The band RiverShine has developed a reputation for electrifying the touring circuit around their native Louisville area for a while now, but 2018 has them positioned to take their music to the next level. With an album “The First Ride,” new single, the rhythmic “The Lover,” being released, the future looks bright for this band of four equally – yet diverse – musical talents to soar into the musical stratosphere! Ask the band’s guitarist, Dave Jr., and he will tell you that any successful partnership is about timing – and finding the right connection. With lead singer Bill Green, bassist Adam Cave, and drummer Jesse Lee working with him, he knows he’s found that rare combination. He admits that task isn’t always the easiest to complete. “I had some really good friends around town who are very talented musicians. We sifted through and tried on a few until we found the fit that we wanted, and everybody was on board. We just came together and started rehearsing.” Green is a natural in music, performing in his high school choir at age seventeen. He was selected as an All-State singer in the state of Kentucky for two years. He helped to build The Louisville Machine, a popular cover band, and performed with My Pet Octopus. Cave won an Outstanding Musician award while in school, and honed his instrumental skills with Parousia, a popular Christian Rock Band. Steering the band in the production studio is Mark Slaughter. If that name sounds familiar to you, well…it should. The founder and namesake of one of Rock & Roll’s preeminent bands from the 1990, he has been aware of the band’s talent for quite some time. Slaughter and Dave Jr. became acquainted about a decade ago, as the rocker produced a band that he had been a member of prior. While that band didn’t take off, the two kept in touch, and with RiverShine, they have come together again for the common musical ground. Also lending their considerable talents to the production of RiverShine is Sal Oliveri – known for his work with million-selling superstars such as Pink and Kenny Chesney, and music business veteran JetLag Michael. When describing the style of RiverShine, Dave Jr. says that “We walk a fine line. We’ve covered everything from Rock to Pop to Country. I’ve been hired to even play Jazz over the years.” All it takes is one time watching the band live, and it’s easy to see that they can run the musical gamut! That versatility can be heard in the band’s debut single, “The Lover.” In speaking of the inspiration behind the song, Dave Jr. says “It’s a song about a girl who hasn’t been out in a while. A guy friend of hers calls her up, and he tells her that he can make her love again. It’s upbeat and awesome groove.” Another example of what RiverShine can deliver is the inspirational title cut. The lyrics of the song speak of throwing caution to the wind, and trying to latch onto a dream – in this case, the music business. Dave Jr. says that it’s their mission: “That song is such a good representation of that feeling.” RiverShine hopes that fans feel the band offers something a little bit different to the musical pallet. “We’re hoping that it’s out of the box,” he says. “As a band, w want to bring our sound to the masses.” asserts Dave Jr. “Our dream obviously would be for ‘The Lover’ to go number one, but more than that, want to play it live for the people that have supported us and make them feel good about life too. We feel that our show is worth what you pay at the door. We want to go in and take the roof off and our hope is that when people come in to see us, they are able to leave their problems at the door.”

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