Mike Jay

Heels’ is the latest single from pop singer Mike Jay. Focusing on the ups and downs of relationships, it affirms that when it’s over, it should be over, and not a constant chase of something that’s not meant to be. A sensual track with Jay’s soulful vocals touching on the beauty that romance can have, and how it can suddenly turn completely on its heels and become something entirely different. If ‘Heels’ wasn’t already a great song, it becomes even better because of Mike Jay the singer. His vocal excellence provides his fans with a boldness in his strong-willed high notes in the chorus. He goes from soulful RnB to a loud and passionate cry for mercy from his former love. His talent takes the track from an commonplace track to an absolute masterpiece of an anthem. The video shows Mike sitting on a throne, serenading his listeners while watching a dancer move to the sexy instrumentals and Mike’s voice. He commands his royal subjects to entertain him, and they can only comply.

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