Make a Show Loks Amillion feat Anaiyah Sunshine

Anaiyah Sunshine

Anaiyah Sunshine is a professional model with over 15 years of experience on stage and in front of the camera. .She has graced the catwalk on so many occasions..Her background is from mixed decent and because of that very reason Anaiyah basically transforms into anything her heart desires.. Anaiyah has been classically trained in music and can read and write sheet music as well as ballet dance. Her artistic style enables her to transform the norm . She is a published makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, radio personality, dancer, web series talk show host and actress. It may look like a lot of different things she has done but she molds each new experience and claims it as her own. Her humility to learn and try new things not only expands her resume but increases her awareness of culture, art and ingenuity. Aside from her talented skills in the modeling world, she is a profound artist. Singing from the age of 5 and reading sheet music by the age of 7 she combined her techniques in classical music and jazz to create a funky uptown sound. Her infuences are world wide and her passion for music grows more and more. Fashion is her a second love. Coming from a family who were seamstress she took her family trade and it has made an major impact in her work. With Anaiyah the best is yet to come. Nothing can hold her back.

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