Chrystal Ball

Waldo Witt

Every band’s tour van should just come with instructions on the side, like the bottles of shampoo too few of them actually use. Rehearse, write, record, release, tour forever, come home, get your day job back, repeat. Waldo Witt had put himself through that wringer many times with his Austin psych-rock / 80s retro 4-piece Toma and had to switch it up. A move from one indie-rock Mecca to another made sense. An extended, roundabout road trip, after his move to Chapel Hill, turned out to be an epic Hero’s Journey. A lot of personal transformation happened behind the wheel of that van, and a whole lot of entirely different new music was born in its mobile studio. With the kind of musical transformation he had just undergone, a solo record just felt right, and “Crystal Ball” is the second single off that record. That record, Randall, is named after that van. And if calling his van “Randall” doesn’t make you fall instantly in love with Waldo Witt, we’ve got to ask if there’s even a heart beating inside that chest of yours.

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