Three Guests

Three Guests [3G] has been bringing their emotional, relatable music to audiences around the world since 2014. With a unique sound that is specific to them, Three Guests has a special blend of Pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop. The group’s captivating, high-energy performances encourage a crowd to their feet while taking them through an emotional journey of love, heartache, and excitement. The group consists of two musicians, Jordan Rys and Noah DeVore, who bring an incredible experience to listeners ears. Jordan is the lead singer and songwriter who plays the drums and guitar while Noah is the group’s lead pianist, DJ, and producer. Both players love music to their core and grew up in Erie, Pennsylvania as best friends who met through church. The group name was carefully chosen by taking the word “three” to encourage collaborations with other artists. The word “guests” was meant to symbolize the groups faith and that everything is temporary which is why they consider themselves guests. Three Guests believe their time in this life should be dedicated to God so they are adamant on making every lyric and song reflect a message that is positive and real.

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