Copenhagen City

The NimbWits

If you ever hear someone telling you that punk is dead, do us a favour and tell him to kick his future up his past. Punk has simply just become older and uglier. We give to you: The NimbWits! After founding the legendary Danish thrash metal band ARTILLERY in 1982, releasing several albums and touring the world, Carsten felt he had to close the circle and go back to his roots playing good old punk rock as he did back in 1979-80. He gathered four of his good friends from back in the days and The NimbWits came to life; an ugly, old school stage wreckin' punk rock machine! Even though punk literally has become older and uglier, make no mistake! These five punks from Copenhagen, Denmark are as dedicated to the music as they were back then, still sticking it to the man who tries to control peoples lives and their freedom of speech. Early 2013 The NimbWits checked in at Wolf Rider Studio and recorded the demo EP "Punks not dead – just older and uglier" and gave their first interview for the biggest Danish music magazine Metalized. Until now, The NimbWits have played a couple of gigs including their latest appearance at this year's Metal Magic Festival, been featured on a couple of punk rock compilations and have gotten radio air play in the USA, UK and France. As for the future, the old school punk machinery hope to record a full length album and play as many live gigs as possible showing the world, that punk is not dead. It has simply just become older and uglier. A big shout out to Søren Crawack who was an important asset to The NimbWits' early life and who wrote the awesome tune: Killer Mind. Best of luck to you and your ass kickin' band IMPALERS! 2014 has been a good year so far for the band ... The NimbWits have had their TV debut in Danish television and it was a great experience for the band .. The NimbWits signed a record deal with Schizophrenic Inc. in March 2014, and after a lot of hard work writing new songs the band booked time in Wolf Rider Sound Production to record their debut album TO PUNK OR NOT TO BE, which is scheduled to be released worldwide in September 2014. The album are also be available on Itunes - Amazon - Spotify etc . 2015 The NimbWits played a lot of shows to promote their debut album. 2016 The NimbWits didn't play any show mainly to concentrating on writing new materiel which was a lot of hard work and some of the new songs were changed several times until the band felt satisfied. The band started the recording of their new album “End Of The World” in TAPF Studio during November. 2017 The NimbWits finished their work in the studio during the spring. The new album was released on July 1. The album are also be available on Itunes - Amazon - Spotify etc. During the year the band played some festivals, shooting some videos and supported the english punkband The Adicts in Copenhagen as some of the highlights in 2017. 2018 The band so far has played some shows to promote their new album and hopefully more shows will come. They also recorded some videos for the songs “Sirens” , “Copenhagen City” and will soon record “Solen Stiger” to be released May 1. Line-up: Carsten Kjær Nielsen: Drums Ibzen: Vocals Gert Christensen: Guitar/Vocal Martin Bjørknov: Guitar/Vocal Lars Uhd Marcussen: Bass/Vocal

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