Dark Soul

Jacques Rautenbach

Jacques Rautenbach is a neo-classical composer based in Pretoria, South Africa. He 's released four albums the past two years and in the last few months he's been climbing the ranks slowly but surely. Jacques reached Nr 1 on the Reverbnation Global Classical Music Chart in April 2019 but admits his music is cross genre, and not only for classical music lovers but for music lovers as a whole. Jacques is a self producing indie artist who is responsible for all the music, composing, scoring, recording, producing, mixing, video production and all the marketing. Jacques started as a freelance/studio drummer and after playing on some of the biggest selling albums in South Africa he decided to pursue his own dream, becoming a well established neo-classical composer… "I started hearing music in my head, orchestrations... So I decided to start writing and at the age of 37 started learning a new instrument (the piano), and I've been writing music ever since" A collection of Jacques's music currently plays in five countries on various radio stations including Classic FM (SA), Classic Fm (Tashkent), Radio Domeldo, (Romania) Radio Classic One, Coral Coast Radio (Australia) Radio El Mundo (Netherlands) and other stations in South Africa like Fine Music Radio and RSG to name but a few... Jacques's music videos got noticed by the well established Facebook site "YouFind" and listeners started paying attention after they shared some of his videos. This has helped Jacques to get noticed by South African television stations and they have subsequently play-listed seven of his new works. Jacques recently started his own project, Blautöne Orchestra and they are in rehearsal with a one of a kind musical experience to rock audiences throughout the world. For more information please contact Jacques through one of his social media links or through email on info@jacquesrautenbach.com or jakkelssa@gmail.com, or website. http://www.jacquesrautenbach.com https://www.reverbnation.com/jacquesrautenbach https://www.facebook.com/jacquesrautenbachcomposer https://www.youtube.com/jacquesrautenbach https://twitter.com/jacquescomposer https://www.instagram.com/jacquesrautenbach_music https://za.pinterest.com/jacquesrautenbachcomposer/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/7KsnqiQRMjoAmdy2halezv https://www.ok.ru/jacques.rautenbach https://mix.com/jacquesrautenbach

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