The Incurables

The Incurables are a harmonic, upbeat, guitar driven garage rock band widely known for their high energy live performances and audience participation. Founded in Wayne, MI by lifelong friends that met in kindergarten, Ray Lawson (Bass guitar and vocals), Pat Kelly (Lead guitar and vocals), and Pat Mizgala (Rhythm Guitar and Vocals) and finally after many drummers Paul Coleman. Growing up listening to AM radio, The Incurables managed to find influences from the groups of the sixties British Invasion and psychedelic scene as well as the seventies and eighties sounds coming from New York's CBGB. Being located in the middle of Detroit and Ann Arbor you could say the bands style continued to evolve with a mix of the heavier rock sounds coming out of Detroit and the college indie sounds of Ann Arbor. As with any new band The Incurables took to the basement for endless nights of practice, always looking for that obscure cover they could call their own or taking any well-known song and adding their own incurable twist. Loaded with a nights worth of music it was time to hit the road play when and wherever they could, from ice arena’s, basement party’s to the local club scene.

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