Fire Sets Fire is a Kick Ass Rock Band that is Reigniting the BAD ASSery missing in today’s rock music! A Fire was started one day in Los Angeles, California by the screaming Les Paul’s of Steve Garth and Brooks Larson. Their amplifiers were fueled by a solid rhythm section of drummer Shane Caldwell and bassist Ray Solorio. Top it off with beautiful yet brutally honest lyrics from vocalist Matt Patin, and the FIRE RAGED!!! FIRE sets FIRE delivers a straight forward yet unique sound through the different styles that each one of their songs bring out. “Angry Boy”, “Speechless America” and “Faster” are full on rockers that are core to the band’s sound. While “Maybe We Can Dance”, “Waiting” & “We Unite” are more refined and showcase the melodic style of the band. Finally the ballads “Fire sets Fire” and “Last Goodbye” gets you with stories of heartbreak and loss that hits you right in the feels! FIRE sets FIRE delivers their music live with the same authenticity that crafted the music in the first place. Loud, Proud and Unapologetic!! No filter & certainly not perfect, but it’s real & coming strait from the heart! “We hope you love this band as much as we do!” “Each song that we make is a gift.” “Sharing these gifts with the world is a privilege that we truly appreciate!!” Steve, Brooks, Matt, Shane & Ray! FIRE sets FIRE

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