ReDub You Can't Lose Something You Never Had

Amanda Marie Music

I am recently 31 years old , currently living in the Orlando,Florida.I have a passion and true love for music and the healing powers that it has over the soul. I have performed in several contests as a young girl and even won a chance to sing at the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” in Cleveland,Ohio. I believe that all things are possible through faith and love. I was hit ,head on at 70 miles per hour, by an 18 wheel semi-truck on April 27,2016. My car flipped twice and then set on fire and the jaws of life were used to set me free from the badly beaten car. I died twice before and during the many many surgeries that I had to endure that day to save my leg and my life. I was given a most awesome gift that day. I was given the gift of eternal love and understanding. I was also shown the importance of protecting planet earth and all its creatures and given a mission to do so. I am becoming increasingly more and more involved in animal protection and pollution control agendas locally. I have been through so many complications since my accident in April 2016 . I was in the accident on April 2016 and shortly after, my boyfriend of over 10 years, and the father to my daughter, left me for another women. The physical and emotion pain that I have endured has made me strong and full of love. I survived all of it and that is what is important. I will learn to walk and I will probably find another love in this life. The only thing that I can say when someone asks me how I stay so positive with all I have been through, I say simply, “Love is the gift that which we are all given equally. Except the love and reject the hate and the beauty of life will be so bright you cant see anything else”. This is my honest and true belief and I want the chance to share this with the world. I was blessed with a voice and passion to sing emotion to others. I would love to have a larger platform to share my heart and soul with others. Please listen to the love in my voice and help me spread it around!

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