My Brother


Jaiz is an artist who has been making music for nearly his whole life. His late brother Douglas was his inspiration growing up. Douglas was an artist, a singer/songwriter, and a poet. Following in his brother’s footsteps, the genesis of his journey started with writing poetry. Poetry inevitably transitioned into song lyrics. His music is a fine blend of artistry. Artistry that focuses on depth, meaning, and emotion. Jaiz is more than a one trick pony, and doesn't limit himself to one genre of music. He likes to mix it up with elements of comedy, pop, rock, and dance. Jaiz has a strong passion for his craft, and his creativity knows no limits. However, he considers himself a hip-hop/rap artist at heart. His musical goal is to not only make listeners hear his words, but to feel his words as well. Music is life, and Jaiz brings music to life with his words.

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