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OLC (Overseas Love Crisis)

OLC is a 4-piece rock band that formed in November 2015. While much of their material falls under the pop punk genre, they bring an eclectic approach to their recordings and live sets. You can expect to go to an OLC concert and see funky, bass-driven groove rock, soaring trumpet lines, and lyrical rap lines, in addition to the distorted guitar-driven pop punk riffs that are featured in so much of their music. OLC stands for Overseas Love Crisis. The band formed in August 2015, solidifying its lineup in November of 2015. OLC released its first demo tape in March of 2016, and released its first full feature EP 'Letters Lost' in October of 2016, accumulating a stronger local following. The band began touring regionally beginning in early 2017, and follow-up CD 'Peruvian' was released in April of 2017; the album is an acoustic re-recording of OLC's original demo disc. in July of 2018, the band released Wanna Be, its first full feature album. The band's debut EP Letters Lost and LP Wanna Be are available for purchase and download on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, and many other streaming services. If you like our music, we like you! Check us out on Instagram and Twitter, along with our other social media sites for more of Overseas Love Crisis behind the scenes! The new ska single '(My Friends Say I Was) Roofied' is out now! Go and check out our website to find out where it is! // #olc // #overseaslovecrisis // @olcftwayne // #LETTERSLOST // #WANNABE

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