The Noble and Great


Cacophonics is a Latvian alternative rock / pop punk band formed in November 2002. The band’s genre is melodic pop punk influenced by postgrunge / alternative rock wave, mixed together with socially active lyrics. The lineup of Cacophonics consists of Ingus (vocals, guitar, lyrics), Aivars (bass), Valerijs (drums). During the first decade of the band Cacophonics gigged intensively and frequently released records including 3 demo CDs (2002-2005), six singles (2007-2009), 2 EP albums - "Punkology" (2006) and "Thank You for adding us" (2011). In 2009 the band also released a video for the single "Currency of dreams" which until now is the best known Cacophonics` song. In 2012 the band went on a break, resumed playing concerts in 2015 and one year later started to record a full-length album "Fast Food Is 4 Slow People" which was released in May 2019. Until now Cacophonics has played hundreds of gigs, including several concerts in Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Russia. Several songs have also topped Baltic mainstream rock charts and been included in international music compilations released in Germany, Russia and the USA.

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