Sean McMorris

It’s one thing to make music inspired by the uber-catchy, post-punk-meets-radio-pop rock scene of the 80s and early 90s. It’s quite another to have launched your career within and around the birth of that scene. Sean McMorris has devoted decades to perfecting the best kind of pedigreed alt-rock and power pop. The guy knows his way around a tight, earworm tune with the same infectious bravado he brings to guitar, drums, and lyricism. He’s made music with rock heroes and cult figures alike, including a stint behind the drums for punk icon Richard Lloyd. McMorris recruited another rock luminary for his third album, C’est la Vie: XTC’s Dave Gregory drops no less than four lead guitar lines. McMorris relocated to LA in 2018, where he sits behind the kit for local rock stalwarts Billy Joseph & The Army of Love.

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