Actin Different

Miranda Writes

NYC-based independent Hip Hop artist Miranda Writes is known for her eclectic and edgy sound that crosses multiple genres and decades. As a literally-enthusiast the rapper, singer and songwriter seamlessly intertwines a myriad of musical influences which is unparalleled in her approach to rhyme and rhythm. Miranda Writes has found a way to bridge the gap of that 90’s sound we fell in love with in conjunction with today’s current sound earning her the support of many hip hop legends such as Rakim and Chuck D. If that’s not cool enough; Miranda Writes is also a snowboarder and has “proved snowboarding and Hip Hop go hand in hand” as seen here in Hype Magazine. As the first female emcee to cross over into the snowboard market she is the New York City ambassador for the Chill Foundation (founded by founders of Burton Snowboards) which works with the undeserved youth to overcome their challenges through board sports. Her hit single “Too Blessed” peaked at number 5 in the worldwide Digital DJ Record Pool competing against signed artists such as Nicki Minaj, Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg. Her latest single release “Actin Different” has the Hip Hop community buzzing due to her noteworthy confidence paired with wicked lyricism and skillful delivery then gave her fans whiplash with her trippy and brilliant cover to White Rabbit as written about here in Honeysuckle Magazine.

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