Castaway (Don't Leave Me)

King Deco

Born and raised in Amman, Jordan the singer, songwriter, and producer King Deco channeled stark duality into a split-screen sphere. On one hand, she clings to the reserved timidity of an Arab Muslim girl raised in the conservative Middle East where a career in entertainment just isn’t an option. On the other hand, she defies convention, reclaims the title “King,” and emerges as a high art-reverent, streetwear-clad sonic deity. Expanding pop with a seismic scope and provocative message, she generated millions of views and streams and attracted early acclaim from Billboard, Wonderland Magazine, Idolator, Ladygunn, Nylon, and many more and collaborated with the likes of Felix Snow and Larzz Principato. Deco always envisioned a life beyond Jordan. Her songwriting ambition would be frowned upon by family and most friends so she went up against all odds. As a female in Muslim culture, she would be an outlier to say the least. While attending college at Duke University, she hustled every minute to stay in the states, which continued once she graduated with jobs in advertising and modeling capped off by nightly DJ gigs. At the time, the connection with her parents withered, but she clung steadfast to her dream. Simultaneously, she cultivated a singular signature style evinced by a series of independent singles such as “Read My Lips,” “Castaway,” and 2017’s “Move That Body,” which clocked over 2 million-plus Spotify streams. The 2018 single “Samurai” heralds her next evolution. Over glitchy, unpredictable production from Kinetics & One Love (Bebe Rexha, Hailee Steinfeld), she wields sharp lyrical barbs like, “You don’t know what love is until you hate somebody” and the immediately catchy, “Cut you off like a samurai.” She might just be the goddess pop’s been looking for.

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