Good Love

The Whitaker Brothers

Tim and Simon Whitaker, collectively known as The Whitaker Brothers have always been active in the field of musical entertainment. They joined forces in the late seventies and early eighties forming Triangle Nile, a heavy progressive rock unit, performing extensively on the London scene. Although headlining most venues,they also supported bands such as The Cardiacs and Glen Matlock with the London Cowboys. Collaborating with David Bascombe they recorded a live album at Livingston studios, Wood Green which led to interest at Island records and Morrison Leahy publishing. Between 1985-89, the brothers decided to venture into the acoustic sphere, forming the band, Ty-Lor of the suburbs, later to become Ty-Lor. Gigs were performed on the rock, folk and acoustic scene. Forerunners in establishing London open mic nights, Ty-lor gained influence which lead to prestigious supports with the likes of Van Morrison, Lonnie Donegan, Roy Harper and in Europe with Donovan. Hailed as up and coming songwriters of the nineties, Ty-lor was rewarded a spot at the Ivor Novello awards. They performed and still do as a duo with the unusual combination of caribbean steel pan and acoustic guitar. This unique sound gave them exposure on BBC1's program, "What's that noise". Recording together, they produced a single and a live album, pricking the ears of Ensign records, Island records and Dizzy Heights publishing and gigging regularly in UK and Europe. Simultaneously, they met and started touring with Curved Air's vocalist, Sonja Kristina in 1989, promoting not only the album "Songs from the Acid Folk", but the Ty-Lor live album and single extensively throughout the UK. Gigs included most of the festival scene such as Glastonbury. The Whitaker Brothers still perform with Sonja sporadically to this day. The Whitaker Brothers, now renamed, The Whitaker Brothers actively created platforms for other singer song writers with the establishment of The Acoustic Revolution open mic clubs. During the nineties the brothers each produced solo albums; Tim Whitaker, "Infect U", Simon Whitaker, "I Fall U Fall", also promoted live in the UK and Europe. Finally The Whitaker Brothers produce the long awaited album, "Animated". Enjoy!

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