Operators Are Standing By

The Mad Desire

This Mad Desire is the rock and roll brand for the music of Icelandic-Canadian Mackenzie Kristjon. He won his first national songwriting competition at age sixteen and has never looked back. This Mad Desire has a full-length (Celebration) and several singles (Operators Are Standing By, Paris of Love, and the new Antifa and the Supremacists) available on streaming services. His recent videos for Operators Are Standing By and Paris of Love (which also has a French version called Paris Amoureux) were co-produced by Mackenzie Kristjon and Simon Winterson who owns Digital Canaries Studios and Sets in Hamilton, Ontario. These punchy videos have been seen on youtube close to 300,000 times so far. Based on the quality of the videos, TMD was invited to screen them in Reyjavik, Iceland in 2018.

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