No Ceiling

Taylor X

Taylor X is a singer, songwriter, dancer and actress based in Nashville, TN. She creates music, dance, performances and videos that can inspire, encourage, love and service people through her creative art. Taylor X began her performing career at an early age of 5 years old. She began training in vocals, competitive gymnastics, dance, and piano. She gained a thirst for becoming a successful recording artist as she recorded her first studio album at the age of 9 and her second at 13. In high school, Taylor joined her national award winning dance team and trained at multiple dance studios in the Tri-Cities of east Tennessee. She then began performing solo’s professionally in Intercity Ballet’s “The Nutcracker”, teaching dance and choreography to dance & cheer teams as well as teaching hip hop and jazz classes at Centre for Performing Arts. Her choreography and coaching has earned both NDA and UCA #1 National competition titles. At 18, she was writing and recording her own demos and flew to California to work with her manager and producers, attend the Grammy’s and train at the highly acclaimed LA Millennium Dance Complex. Aside from Taylor’s showbiz career, she attended college and attained a doctor of pharmacy degree from Appalachian College of Pharmacy and is currently a Board of Tennessee licensed pharmacist. After graduating and moving to Nashville, Taylor signed on to PCG Institute artist development company and created the Taylor X brand and sound which includes a mix of electro pop, dance, hip hop and K-Pop influences. She displays themes of confidence, inspiration, edgy glam with a flare of kick ass girl power spunk. Her live shows focus on high impact dance choreography, dramatic theatrics and her own unique fashion designs. Her first music video “Fire” now plays in fitness gyms all around the nation. Taylor X released a full electro pop dance album entitled “No filter” in 2016 and has since released a variety of “electro pop hop” singles and music videos which can be found on her official website or and has been distributed across music streaming services. In 2017, she was honored with the acceptance of Pop/Contemporary Entertainer of the Year at the annual Josie Music Awards. Taylor is also a voting member of the Recording Academy for the GRAMMYs . She is currently songwriting for her upcoming full length album as well as working on a new live set for touring in 2019.

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